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Freemasonry is the oldest, and estimated to be one of the largest male fraternal organizations in the world, dating back to the middle ages. Dedicated in the pursuit of perfection, Freemasonry is like most fraternities that teach their members to be productive citizens, of exemplary character, who have demonstrated time and time again that they are interested in taking a leadership role in philanthropy, benevolence, and many other attributes which make them ideal for the craft. However, this is just a small part of what Freemasonry is all about. To summarize it, Freemasons are all about creating a better world for future generations and making good men better.

Winnipeg Masons Beaver Ionic A.F. & A.M.

The Masonic Memorial Temple in Winnipeg, Manitoba



Odds are you may have heard the Masonic phrase "ask one to be one", often shortened to simply ASK12B1. Many people are confused as to what this means. Unlike many other fraternities and societies, the Freemasons do not solicit members. We will never attempt to solicit you in any way, shape, or form and don't perform any advertising of the sort. In order to apply to become a Freemason, you must do so on your own free will and accord by asking a current Mason to become one - hence, the ASK12B1. Don't ever be shy to approach us. We're more than happy to introduce you to the craft and would love to see more good men join our brotherhood. If you don't personally know a Mason, feel free to stop by Grand Lodge at 420 Corydon Avenue, or call our Lodge Secretary directly at (204) 338-7561. To learn more about the application process, Click Here.




Despite what many conspiracy theorists believe; Freemasonry is not a religion or religious society. With that said, there is an obligation for believe in a supreme being in order to be inducted into the world of Freemasonry. Men of all faiths and religious beliefs are members of our fraternity and each of them is deeply involved in helping others. To date, Masons contribute more than $1.4 million each day in North America to provide aid to those who are sick, aged, or destitute, or whose physical, emotional and psychological needs are not being met. The Freemasons are not a so-called “secret society”, but are rather an old society with some secrets.


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